..:: Trick or Treat Contest ::..

Hey love bugs,

It’s been a while since I’ve did anything regarding my blog or imvu so I’ve decided to host a contest for Halloween. I just felt like doing something fun and seeing how creative everyone can get because I’ll be honest, I missed it. The outfits editing… it takes a lot of time to learn that and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.


Now this contest will be held in my new guild ~Spice Designs~. This guild is very easy, you join, apply enter contests and win cash. I know it’s not as modelesque as my older guilds like Velv but I’m still getting back into imvu and wanted to do something that leaves me with little work.

Winner will receive five thousand credits and a spot on my blog. So I hope all of you enter and fight hard to win!

~ Kira


Fashion OOTD #6


Hello Hello darlings, here is another ootd after some time off for real life. I already know what you’re thinking, really Kira another skirt outfit. I know this is like my third one in a row but I can’t help it. These skirts have been my favorite for a long time but I promise I will change it up. So I like this outfit mostly because of the shirt. Dashing did her thing on the texture and she used one of my favorite flowers the pure daisy. This is such a summer outfit, moderate skin, neutral tones it’s just perfect. I’ve also added a few others with this outfit such as my jewelry from MissMaya. I loved it all so tell me if you like it ;p


Fashion OOTD #2 or #5


Hello love bugs, This week I was just messing around again and found this super gorgee outfit. It consist of denim and white with a pop of pinks. I had fun doing this and the creator is just fabulous in all ways.  Just about the entire outfit was Psicodelic’s line and I must say I worked it well Oh yeah speaking of her I am truly looking forward to stealing her for a developers interview one day so wish me luck. Other than my random chattering I have nothing else to add so here is that gorgeous outfit, cop the links below.


The Fit!

Fashion OOTD!!!


Hello love bugs, I thought id pop back in…again and do a quick little cute Fashion OOTD. It’s been a while since I did one. My life has just truly been amazing and it’s really hard for me to stop it for this game. I’m sure you all understand, but the fact that I still get views constantly even when nothing has been added for a while means a lot to me. So hope you enjoy. This little number happened when I was playing around in shop and heh you know doing my master styling skills like I do. It’s funky and fun but still vintage-mordern feel free to grab the links below.
Cop da fit!

I’m Back!!!

Hi my darlings have you missed me?
Yes its the one and only Kira back again … trying to bring this old dog of a blog back to life. I truly promise to work harder on coming back and doing more with it. As most of you now I lost my Exquis account so im mostly focusing on my blogging and modeling. I’m going to have some fresh new developers and models up on here and we just going get it turnt up….yes I used turnt up yolo.  As far as news gooo I want to introduce you all to my family ACO. When I was lost and looking for something to keep me on imvu I came across this crazy ass sorority. The welcomed me like a true sister and made me feel at home so bahh here and what not. Ya’ll going have to pardon my edits, its been a minute since I had to you know work my magic. But below is our website and a brief summary about who we are and all that good shit. Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
We are radiant and mysterious as the pear, able to heal and protect our sisters from harm. We provide a glimpse of beauty even in the worst of situations, uplifting our sisters with the healing power of laughter. We are as beautiful as the Plumavera flower able to bring make way for a new and better life. To help our sisters understand that nothing in life is permanent that change is a constant part of life. We are like the Claddagh showing our sisters what love, loyalty and friendship is all about. We are as strong as the Golden Key able to empower our sisters to reach their full potential. We are as fierce as the Phoenix able to take all the negative and continue fighting able to be reborn with the wisdom to take responsibility for our own actions. Never placing blame or judging our sisters. We accept these truths with an understanding and an open heart that change is necessary for growth. We accept these truths with an understanding and open heart that change is necessary for growth. We teach each other the importance of knowing ones inner values and beliefs while uplifting our sisters and surrounding them with love and acceptance.

..::Double OOTD::.. #3

New Double OOTD!!!


So I have been working on my edits a bit and I know I still need work but pretty good eh?


So you’re ready for the outfits now?

I love these outfit so I hope you all do as well c:

That’s all for now XoXo ~Kira~

Happy Easter (Love Muffins)

Happy Easter


So I know I have been away for a while, imvu was just taking a tole on me and I couldn’t handle it. It was becoming more of  a job then a place to relax and have fun. So I took some time off from it and focused on my rl and I must say I am happier then ever. I have a good boyfriend (AND HE IS WHITE Y’ALL). My family is doing good and I decided to stay in tx for now Though im sure y’all don’t care about any of that lol.

Basically im trying to say that now I got my life together I think im ready to come back and do what I do best 🙂 Wich is being lazy!..no im going to start creating again making new files for my file sale and doing more blog post so models be on the look out. Until then I hope everyone has a safe and fun easter and try not to eat too many chocolate bunnies :).


(Awww Prettty Rabbit!)


Oh you want the outfit too?

Want the room and rabbit too 😮

That’s you getting so buh bye c: